• "I just wish my broken heart stays with me,
    And my smile with you wherever you be."

    Lines are taken from – A Dream Broken Verses
  • "I don’t know what I do the most,
    Whether I love you or hate u more. I know that u don’t care, So, why do I? I don’t know."

    Lines are taken from – Dilemma of Love Broken Verses
  • "I still remember those eyes, Making me weak in my knees, They still make me fall in love with you Like they always did."

    Lines are taken from – Eyes Broken Verses
  • "Love left me sad and lonely, With nobody to comfort me, So I became my own friend; Walking alone through this hell."

    Lines are taken from – Heartless Broken Verses

About My Book

Broken Verses was born out of brokenness - brokenness of the heart, the soul and that love which died young and tender. We meet love at various crossroads of life, sometimes it lives with us, and sometimes it leaves us. But no matter what, it lives within us. ALWAYS. Every poem in this book is an exploration of the love that left us but did not quite leave us. It is the love that awakens in the dark hours of the night; it is the ghost that haunts us in the early morning.

About Me

His career made him a marketing professional, his calling made him a poet. Aziz has ventured into this dreamy world of poetry with eyes full of sleepless nights and a heart full of words. He currently works as a marketing professional with a firm in Mumbai, and looks forward to indulging his pen more often.With Broken Verses, here is Aziz, offering his readers a piece of his heart that has survived love and life.

Aziz believes in living up to his name which means ‘the dearest one’. He is a people’s person and easily bonds with people because of his humble and helpful nature.


A truly soul touching experience and the most refined form of poetry depicting love in its simplest forms.

Nishat Shamsi

One falls in love with these poems about love and everything around it. The strongest emotion in simplest words.

Megha Sood

An excellent read and truly inspiring. The words are really encapsulating. A must read for everyone to experience the power of love.

Sreenivas Kambala


Aziz, through his strong verses brings out the intuitive feelings of a man in love. It was a fantastic read.

Aditi Syal

Each line had a deep meaning and gave me jitters as if it touched my soul and back. The poetry is very beautifully put and most of the lines are relatable.

Neerja Mahajan

“If you have ever been in love, then this one is a must read. Kudos to the poet for encompassing everything in this book. Waiting for the next one!!!

Sumon Gantait

Broken Verses
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